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Andean Wings Boutique Hotel is the premier accommodation in Cusco, situated two blocks from the Plaza de Armas in the heart of the ancient city.


This fully restored, sixteenth century colonial gem blends style, luxury, comfort and an unforgettable experience, with five-star amenities and unrivaled personalized service.

Our seventeen rooms and suites are uniquely styled with local antiques and original art works (all available for purchase) offering modern comforts like decadent Jacuzzi bathtubs.

Our mission is to ensure both our guests and employees feel at home, making every moment you spend with us, unforgettable.

History of the House

Andean Wings Boutique Hotel is situated on the corner of Calle Siete Cuartones, and Calle Santa Teresa, also known as Calle “del Teatro o de la Comedia” (that is, “Street of the Theatre of Comedies”, named as the street where the first theatre in Cuzco ran its shows). This was one of the most important and imposing manor homes of the early Spanish Colonial era of Cuzco in the 16th century. The property belonged to Don Pedro López de Cazalla, who also owned of the adjoining house, known as Casa de los Seis Pumas (“House of the Six Pumas”, the namesake of our wonderful Therapy Center), and now serves as the back section of Andean Wings Hotel. He was a leading character in the colonial aristocracy, as well as the Lord Mayor and Chief Escribano (notary) of the recently rebuilt Spanish city of Cuzco.


In 1604, don Fernando de Salas y Valdez, an important dignitary and magnate within the ruling Cuzco aristocracy, became the owner of the courtyard and surrounding rooms. He was, by right of “primogeniture” (meaning the eldest child), head of the House of Salas y Valdez and amassed many riches and extensive landholdings during his lifetime. Following his death, this and other properties were passed on to Don Diego de Vargas Carvajal who functioned as Tutor, and was Administrator of the assets and real estate. In the 18th century, the same Salas y Valdez family became, by right of succession, known as the Counts of Peralta. This established an important position for them within the ruling Cuzco aristocracy of their time, their roots being in the manor house located on the corner of Calle Santa Teresa and Calle Siete Cuartones. The present-day hotel was an integral part of that building complex. The Counts of Peralta constituted one of the wealthiest families with the most distinguished lineage in colonial Cuzco.


In the year 1767, the owner and eldest heir to the family succession was General Jose Valdez y Peralta. In the waning years of the Colonial Era, the heiress, Doña María Ignacia de Peralta y Valdez, along with her husband, Don Felipe de Lizarazu, known as Conde de la Casa de la Moneda (literally “Count of the House of Currency”, that is, of the making of coins), remained as one of the most distinguished hostesses in Cuzco. There are many accounts of 19th century travelers mentioning the gatherings and soirées they had attended in the home of the Counts of Peralta while visiting Cuzco. In the 20th century, the venue of 225 Calle Siete Cuartones – now Andean Wings Boutique Hotel, suffered severe seismic damage in the 1950 earthquake in Cuzco.


The owners remained at the property and on the thin strip of land that stood at the back of the building, constructed a “conventillo” or communal residence where they settled with their belongings. Years later, in 1993, the ancient, rambling manor at Calle Siete Cuartones became the property of Los Siervos de los Pobres del Tercer Mundo, (Servants of the Poor of the Third World), a religious assistance organization, which took charge of the restoration and remodeling of the House as it now stands.